Government Relations

With a 20 plus year history in Government Relations, Sunset Public Affairs can handle the relationship between clients and local and state elected officials.  Understanding the political climate is essential to a successful outcome.  Our team works daily to maintain a strong working relationships with elected officials and their staff.

Community affairs

Connecting with the right members of the community is key to moving an issue. Our team has been involved all acorss the community helping clients build key relationships with key stakeholders.

Public Policy Advocacy

Having worked inside and outside of local and state government, our team understands the importance of policy advocacy.  Ensuring that our client's interest are known to local and state government, can help ensure that rules and regulations do not harm business development.

Strategic Communications

In an ever changing world with a 24 hour news cycle, it is important for businesses to maintain a positive appearance in the community.  Our team can help navigate this by highlighting our client's story which can lead to business success.

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